Theme of Beijing Forum 2012 and the Sub-themes of Panel Sessions
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Beijing Forum 2012

The Harmony of Civilizations and Prosperity for All
-- Challenges and Opportunities: New Thinking in New Reality

Recent years have witnessed dramatic changes at regional levels. As the political turbulence in Middle East and North Africa evolves and has spread, the world political landscape has also undergone profound overall changes. In response, both developed and developing countries as well as emerging economies have been searching for strategies to better adapt to this new situation, which in turn has had its own significant impact on the direction of international paradigms.

The year 2012 is a year of extraordinary meaning worldwide. Many of the world’s nations, amongst them the most powerful in the world, will be undergoing elections and changes of power, which will very likely lead to adjustments of policy impacting on international political structure. In the wake of the global financial crisis, the world economic structure has seen several positive signs of transformation, but any real improvements remain beyond reach in the short term. It remains a huge challenge to put the global economy back on a track of stable and balanced growth. Moreover, international and regional hotspot issues continue to emerge one after another, and such global issues as food security, energy security, climate change and the impact of recent natural disasters represent challenges still be solved.

However, these changes have provided their own historic opportunities for transformation in our global paradigms. Faced with this new reality, the international community has commenced active efforts to push forward reforms in the global governance system, with the intent of establishing an updated model which can strike the necessary balance between equity and efficiency as well as matching up to altered international political and economic circumstances.

New situations present new challenges. Some of our present theories and ways of thinking no longer match the global reality we must face up to every day. Confronted with this new reality and its challenges, we should change our way of thinking, explore new areas for development, seek and grab opportunities. Only by doing so can we write a new chapter in the history of social progress.

Under the banner of “The Harmony of Civilizations and Prosperity for All”, Beijing Forum this year will focus on the topic “Challenges and Opportunities: New Thinking in New Reality”. It will bring together scholars and experts from across the globe to discuss a number of pertinent issues – how things should have worked out according to our theories, and how history has in fact turned out, where to look for answers that arise when we address the risks of uncertainties incurred by the rapid and dramatic changes in the world landscape – this all so as to provide valuable references to the reforms and development of all countries, and to contribute to the harmony and progress of the society and the common prosperity for all human kind.

【Panel I】Rethinking Capitalism in the Post-crisis World

【Panel II】Faith and Society: Spiritual Reflections of Global Age

【Panel III】Improve Education in the Changing World Economy: Quality, Equity and Efficiency

【Panel IV】Inheritance of the World Cities Spirit: Experience and Innovation

【Panel V】Construction of Civilizations: Communication of Languages and Dissemination of Classics

【Panel VI】Innovation and Change in the Age of Social Media

【Panel VII】The Role of Entrepreneurs in the New World Economy Profile

【Panel VIII】The Common World, Different Perspectives: Germany, Europe, China

【Student Panel】An Era of Great Transformation: Youth’s Perspective

【Harvard-Yenching Institute Panel】Faith, Society and New Social Media

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